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PART THREE - Test of your instructional ability

This test is to assess the quality of your instruction and ability to pass your knowledge on to pupils. The test is currently in two parts and the examiner will select one paper from the ten pre-set test (PST) examination papers and test the subject matter for each phase. For the first part, the examiner will take on the role of a beginner or partly trained pupil and will set the scene for the PST paper selected.

For the second part s/he will again set the scene for the PST paper selected and take on the role of a pupil who is about test standard, describing the pupil level they intend to role play along with the subject matter to be covered. The examiner will choose the exercise as the basis of the instruction. You must pass Part one and two before you can apply for Part three. You have three attempts at this test. Failure to pass Part three after the third attempt will result in a time lapse of two years before you can re-apply, starting with Part one again.

As from March 2006 another option into the role play section of the part 3 test will be added allowing the examiner to assess an instructor's ability to coach qualified drivers who are taking driver development training. The examiner will choose two of the following scenarios and ask the candidate to demonstrate their knowledge and ability by giving practical instruction to an examiner as if he or she were:

    • Novice or partly trained pupil;
    • A pupil who is at driving test standard; or
    • A qualified driver taking driver development training (note: L-plates are not required for this part)

All cars used for the part 3 qualifying test must be fitted with the following for use by the examiner sitting in the driver's seat:

    • Seat belt
    • Head restraint
    • Internal rear view mirror

Once you have successfully qualified as an ADI, you're name will be included on a register and you will be subject to check tests on request by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA). All cars used for check tests conducted as an observed lesson must have rear seat belts for use by the examiner sitting in the back of the car. Since August 2005, when attending a check test, you are required to produce your certificate of ADI registration. The DSA have a list of vehicle types that are unsuitable for the check test e.g. the new Mini Convertible which has a lack of vision. You can visit the DSA website www.dsa.gov.uk for more details.

It is in our best interest to train potential ADI's to a consistently high standard throughout the course. Part two & three training will be conducted on a one to one basis and is currently charged at £35* per hour. The amount of hours needed for part two will be dependant on the individual needs of the student. The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) requires that an individual must complete 40 hours for part 3 before applying for the trainee licence and a further 20 hours before the first attempt at the Part three exam. Payments are made on completion of each training session. Our DSA ORDIT* registered trainer will conduct the training.

*this fee is subject to change

*Official Register of Driving Instructor Training

There are several ADI testing centres in the surrounding area that means that much of the 'on road' training can take place over roads that will be used for Part Two and Part Three tests.

We are continually looking for ADI's and Potential Driving Instructors (PDI's) to join >> In~Control << Driving School. Our establishment is based in South London within reach of most of the South of England.

If you are interested in joining our school or want to become an ADI contact the office on 01843 447 842 or Patrick on 07956 245 320

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