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PART TWO - Test your driving ability

This is based on your driving technique. It is an advanced driving test and a high standard of competency is required. You are allowed up to 6 driving faults before you fail the test. Before you conduct the test your eyesight will be checked. You must read a number plate at a distance of 27.5m (90 feet), where the letters and numbers are 79.4mm (three and one eighth of an inch) and in August 2005 safety questions were added to this test. These are the same show me / tell me questions used for the learner driver car test. The questions are grouped into sets of 5 (3 tell me and 2 show me). Examples of these groups are published on the Driving Standards Agency website www.dsa.gov.uk and is chosen from the following: tyres, steering, brakes, lights, reflectors, direction indicators, audible warning device, and the liquids used in the braking system, steering, engine or elsewhere in the vehicle as a coolant, lubricant, or otherwise. Each incorrect answer is recorded as a driving fault, up to a maximum of 4 faults. If all 5 questions are answered incorrectly, this is assessed as a serious fault that results in a test failure. In addition to this a slight change was made to the part 2 test in October 2005 to reflect the increased awareness and need for economically, environmentally friendly driving. An assessment is now made of candidates' ability to drive in a way that demonstrates recognition of the principles of 'eco-safe driving’. Topics that will be considered against 'eco safe driving' are: hazard awareness/planning, compliance with speed limits, starting and moving away, use of accelerator, gear selection, engine braking, engine power / torque and use of cruise control (where fitted). If a candidate demonstrates unsatisfactory 'eco-safe driving' this will presently be recorded as 1 driving fault (please note: the most recently published version of 'Driving-the essential skills' has an entire chapter on 'eco-safe driving').

All cars used for the part 2 qualifying test must be fitted with the following for use by the examiner sitting in the front passenger seat:

    • Seat belt
    • Head restraint
    • Additional internal rear view mirror

You must pass Part one before you can apply for Part two. You have three attempts at this test. Failure to pass Part two after the third attempt will result in a time lapse of two years before you can re-apply, starting with Part one again.

Once you have passed Part one and Part two (and it is within a 2 year time limit), you can apply for a 'trainee licence'. This will allow you to instruct for payment, although you are not registered as an ADI. The 'trainee licence' is valid for 6 months. You may apply for one and there will be conditions attached to it. You do not have to apply for the 'trainee licence' but it is recommended to enable you to gain experience on 'real life' pupils instead of 'role play' simulation.

If you are interested in joining our school or want to become an ADI contact the office on 01843 447 842 or Patrick on 07956 245 320


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